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Hi all, so the past few months I feel as if things have been increasingly worse and I'm honestly questioning my sanity now. Everything feels foreign, 2D and like I don't even know myself anymore. I'm constantly thinking about how I feel and my vision is very hazy. I'm not in a job because things were getting so bad and am currently on citalopram and have been for a year. I very frequently get thoughts about losing my mind, thoughts of exstinentialism and just thoughts about my health and it's scaring me. Is this really a symptom of anxiety disorder? I mean, I don't even really have panic attacks, I just think way too much and feel like there is no off switch, I'm seriously scared of this getting worse to the point where i actually lose my mind, I find myself questioning things and forgetting things way too much! Will this ever be alleviated and go away? I've tried everything! It's seriously ruining my life, it feels like I can't even rationalise things anymore, it's been 6 years of on off and I just want it gone!
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