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I started therapy recently and I hate to day it but I question was therapy the best decision.yes I do get some what of a relief with venting about everything that's happened,but I swear it feels like after therapy especially the next day things are just worse.
I'm more closed off the next day.I sit in my thoughts way more and I seem very irritable afterwards,I'm not sure of that's normal or not to feel that way.after this last session I felt good I felt hope like this will end.sadly by that night I felt it again severyly and I felt extremely irritable.

I have had this sadness come over like I've never had before.i don't even know why I'm crying but I am and it comes out of no where.I get this sick feeling in my gut and as numb as I've been for about two months now you'd think I'd be happy to feel something.sadly I'm not this guy feeling is a sickening feeling that I can explain.
After therapy I have so many things run through my head from my child hood all the way to now.I have intrusive thoughts of bad things that scares started to get easily annoyed or angry with myself and everything eske.on top of it all everyone feels like strangers so I feel extremely alone and scared.

Originally I had mainly just the dream state feeling but after my last therapy I have had a non stop out of body terrified that maybe I am actually losing it or have some illness because I'll get this odd pressure in my head.
If anyone could just tell me if therapy helped them or if they had issues with stabilizing emotions after therapy?
Or if this could be me slowly coming out of dpdr? I haven't had emotions in a couple months if not longer and now all I want to do is cry which started about a week ago.I know I can ask my counselor on my next appointment it's just hard not having anyone understand.
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