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Ok so this all started when I was 15. it was summer time last year and I had mixed alcohol with an energy drink. ever since that day I've had DP. it startwd off with just feeling like the world around me was fake/unreal I also felt dissociated with my body and a stranger to myself. as the days and months went on it was getting worse with huge anxiety attacks out of nowhere. like I was eating dinner and started to panic for no reason and started to sweat and freak out. it happens for about 2 months and I have never had one since. but the DP is constant and the last 4 months. The part that scares me the most is when for example I handshake slmeonw that I no does drugs and for like 30 mins im scard shitless that I have might have been drugged but I try to tell myself to stop being a pussy and it has been getting better and I havn t been as worried lately but still bad. on top of that I say things in my head over and over again for some reason and will talk to myself in my head. Im just so scared that I'm going insane or something. my DP has been steady for a few months without getting worse nor better but already I can start to manage it and cope without it constantly getting worse. I am wondering if anyone else feels this way and should I be worried. thanks
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