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is this just a thought

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it seems that for me anyway life would resume as normal if it wasnt for the 'thought' that i might panic or the 'thought' that i might have an anxiety attack....
physically i feel fine,mentally apart from those 2 constant 'thoughts' i feel can i get rid of these obsessive thoughts that seem to dog me so much....
i now work two days a week as a kitchen hand and it involves me cycling for around two miles and after work i forsce myself to go into town but the thought that i might panic is always there...very strange but it needs to be beaten
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thanks as always for the replies....
this must be obsessive thinking because i seem to tell myself also that upon waking in the mornings i say to myself 'this will pass in an hour' (the anxiety that is) and it always does pass

but does it take an hour to pass because i tell myself it will? or
is this the reality that it takes an hour for my meds and breakfast to kick in?

my main problems to date seem to be

1/morning anxiety(which passes even without my year long breathing exercises)

2/the thought of a panic attack

3/insecurity (i hate being on my own for too long)

4/a slight feeling of dissconection (this is far better than it was 3 years ago)

i suppose number 3 can efffect even the healthiest of people,but are the other problems just obsessive 'thoughts'

cheers all

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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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