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I'm stuck ,just stuck in this never ending cycle of dread that i face each day, tbh life is looking good for me at the moment I'm 16 and currently facing the struggle of exams but things are looking good in the reality. But I'm not in reality, I feel detached and unable to put a simple sentence together and put a point across to someone without overthinking it. I walk around in a dream like state, everything is sharp and bright which sounds good, it's really not as everything seems plastic and I feel like there is a layer between me and the objects around me, I just want this to end so I can enjoy my life as much as I can. I would really appreciate if anyone mentions that they have gone through these symptoms as it would reassure me greatly, I hope everyone has a nice day, Thankyou .

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Apr 21 2017 07:07 AM

hello i am 51 ....when i was at your age my life was a hell too.........which is not nessasary as bad as it seems.......Many people who are happy with their self ac tualy are in a more problematic state. They are dead but they do n ot know it because the fake ego-self they have created is still fuctional this is the neurotic self as is named. Mental disorder is the amount of the detachment someone has from reality and there are 3 lavels generaly.... 1) the neurotic self 2 the borderline and 3d the psyhotic. Even if for the psyhiatrists the psyhotic level is more savere mental disorder there are many other sources that describe the common neurotic self as the more problematic because is fake but superficialy functional. That fake ego-self though when is becoming disfunctional and the person cannot hide himself from the lie around him and in him then there is a procedure that is more and more bringing discomfort and depressing.....THIS IS A STRONG MOTIVATION FOR THE SEARCH OF THE TRUE SELF AND THE MEANING OF LIFE....................EXPLOIT IT . DO NOT BE AFRAID OF IT READ PRAY EXPLORE LISTEN CONTEMPLATE ASK AND YOU WILL FIND. IF SOMEONE IS BLIND BUT THIN KS THAT HE IS OK...THIS IS TRAGETY. You know that you have problem so this is motivating you to search and find solution....this is beautiful for the true self the real self and the real truth and purpose in life search for meaning in life be aware of the lies around you and in you and try to be honest the gospell of John in bible with pray and contemplate. Take help from profesional psyhologist of coarse if is needed though remember that behind the meaning of life is love and love wich is the cure is for free when realy exists and cures everything. the real self is real love. and blossoms in lov e. faith and hope

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Apr 22 2017 06:56 AM

Right there with you buddy. I just joined this site. It really helps just knowing I'm not the only one. And you gotta remind yourself, people recover from this. My DP makes me feel dizzy, I feel like things I just did 5 minutes ago were really weeks ago. I lose my ability to focus both thought-wise and vision-wise. Sometimes it feels like my brain is about to just float out of my body. Which sounds really stupid when I explain it. Simply talking is an issue. I find myself stuttering and zoning out. But I remind myself this is all in my head. It's so hard sometimes. I'm normally not a very sensitive person, but sometimes it just makes me feel like crying. But someday I'll be able to truly enjoy life again. Keep a thought in the back of your head. A thought of yourself without DP. Remember, many have been in your position and many have made it through.

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May 10 2017 03:20 PM

I'm going through this currently, and you're definitely not alone.
Just know, as everything bad in life, it's going to end someday.
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Keep that on your mind, and be strong
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