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Is this "Giuseppe Tavella" anxiety and Dp/Dr expert on YouTube LEGIT?

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I have chronic DP/DR since March 2013, OCD induced (I have OCD since I was a child).
My main big problem remain dp/dr, tried almost 30 different medications (SSRI, Tryciclic antidepressants, antipsicotics, anticonvulsivants, benzos, stimulants, stacks (Noopept, NAC), tried 2 different psicologists, tried Linden Method, bought Jordan Hardgrave dp/dr course, done Vagus Nerve stimulation for 30 days, nothing worked.
One of last hopes I came across months ago was this guy Giuseppe Tavella that claims to be an anxiety and dissociation expert, he has more than 300+ free videos on you tube.
From what I understood watching some of his videos he says that the problem of why there are our Dp/dr symptoms is in the subconsciuos, so through hypnosis (I think based on "Marisa Peer" method) he claims that can cure you, but maybe can't help you if you have drug induced dp/dr he said in one video.
In one of his last videos on You Tube one person in the comments commented he is a fake guru, a scam, and that his videos with testimonials that say are cured are fake.
I don't know what to think, I wanna book that discovery call and made a talk with him, at the worst he will fraud me and I waste some money, wanna know how much are this sessions with him also though.
I wanna know what you think, are there some of you that have experienced with him, what are your opinions on him?
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