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(IM PRETTY RELIGIOUS KEEEP THAT IN MIND) So the past 2 weeks i got "fear of death" reason why i put that (") is because i dont truly know if its that. Alright starting off i got a random intrusive thought. What happens after we die? If this is all a simulation what is gonna happen after we die? What is the point if we all die? That made me wondering... and then it HIT. Nothingness after death. That intrusive thought. Although when the dpdr gets better the thoughts also get better and im back to being religious again yay!! Well... not so quick. goes back to having dpdr. Lol.
I really dont know why its happening even though im religious. Maybe its not the fear of death? Maybe its just dpdr? Maybe its just a intrusive thought? Plus i have ocd so that may be the cause (dear god i hope it is the cause).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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