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Hello everyone.
I'll start from the end: I think that one of the most frustrating things that I experience is that as for now I tend to believe Im the only person on the planet which suffers from this bizzare phenonemen, which I have no idea whether it is a symptom of DP, or something else. I dont feel many if the 'normal' symptoms of DP (like figy vision, detachment from my feelings,disconnection between my mind and body).I do, though, experience brain fogs occasionally (lately less), nemory loss, and a bit of cognition damage. But the main horrific sensation is that: I feel as if my head is a weird object lying on my shoulders, and I experience ppl as sort of sticks, or lumps of meat, that carry some kind of weird ball on their body, and all heads-on-bodies seem as if they could belong to grotesque charechters on southpark. This sensation that my head is not "connected" to my body, and the visional experience of others, are driving me insane. Especially, it is very frightening because I have no idea what I have, which makes me feel very lonely.
So if u have heard of similar phenonemen, it would help me a lot to hear about it.
Thanks a lot!
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