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I need some advise. Eight months ago my boyfriend of 4 years overnight decided he didn't love me anymore, had no feelings for me. He's been through some really really tough family stuff over the past 3 years and I thought he was depressed but I now wonder if it's depersonalisation as well. He says he's in self protection mode, he feels like a ghost of a person, like a zombie who used to have feelings. He said he had to remove anything negative from his life so he could deal with the family things and whilst he didn't think of me as a negative person he felt our relationship was. He still loved me but not in the same way as I loved him, he had no emotional feelings for me. He has no empathy. To start with he would still see me and at times he showed affection but recently he seems much worse and won't see me or communicate much. He won't get help and I don't know how to help him. Does this sound like Depersonalization? He was diagnosed as depressed and anxious due to the family issues but I think it's more than that. He's not been depressed before.

Thank you
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