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Is this DP or just anxiety

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Can someone please tell me if this is Dp?

One night I woke up with a panic attack. I was currently taking celexa at the time for panic disorder. This was my first panic attack in over 3 years. Anyways. Fast forward today. I'm currently taking 20mg of trintellix for depression and anxiety. The medicine has helped my depression a lot but I still feel I have some anxiety attacks. Anyways, here goes. I still don't feel like myself, it's like I'm spaced out all time. It's a weird feeling in my head with pressure sometimes. I just don't feel like me anymore. I've felt like this since the middle of January of this year. I experience this feeling the most when I'm driving at work. I've read the symptoms of dp but don't feel like I really have them. I mean. I still have emotions and don't see the world behind a glass. I feel overwhelmed all the time. Is this part of dp or is this just because of my anxiety and depression. I plan on making a appointment with a psychiatrist this week. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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