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Is this DP or just anxiety

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Can someone please tell me if this is Dp?

One night I woke up with a panic attack. I was currently taking celexa at the time for panic disorder. This was my first panic attack in over 3 years. Anyways. Fast forward today. I'm currently taking 20mg of trintellix for depression and anxiety. The medicine has helped my depression a lot but I still feel I have some anxiety attacks. Anyways, here goes. I still don't feel like myself, it's like I'm spaced out all time. It's a weird feeling in my head with pressure sometimes. I just don't feel like me anymore. I've felt like this since the middle of January of this year. I experience this feeling the most when I'm driving at work. I've read the symptoms of dp but don't feel like I really have them. I mean. I still have emotions and don't see the world behind a glass. I feel overwhelmed all the time. Is this part of dp or is this just because of my anxiety and depression. I plan on making a appointment with a psychiatrist this week. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Also. Don't know if this has anything to do with it. But my neck has been killing me since January and it feels like I have head pressure. And headaches all the time. Going to the chiropractor this week
Honestly. It's just the feeling of. Not feeling like myself. My head feels weird sometimes. My memory is fine, don't feel detached from anyone. Not looking behind a glass wall. It's just this constant feeling of not feeling like myself. It's kinda like I feel like a whole different person. I had some rough depression and didn't feel like doing anything. But my current medicine is really helping in that department. Oh. And anxiety. I feel stressed out, nervous, and my chest hurts sometimes.

It's crazy. Because when I'm around my family or doing something. I feel completely fine
I'm pretty good friends with my family doctor so I can have him check whatever I want without any questions asked. What should I get check or should I get anything check. I'm gonna get him to check my testosterone levels and see if he can do a full blood work check. I had my thyroid checked and it was fine. Is there anything inpreticular I should asked to get checked?
Also. I read on here that someone had low level so of zinc. How is that checked. Blood work?
Why do you guys think The medicine I was on just stop working. I was just taking 10mg of celexa. And was loving life. It was perfect. Then boom. Woke up with a panic attack and never had been the same. I went up to 20mg for about 3 weeks and that didn't help. Think I just got use to the medicine and developed a immune to it? It was my wonder drug lol. :(
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