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I smoked about 5 times my whole life, never ever felt the "high", until my Very last time, back in september, a friend of mine taught me how to smoke the right way. I took 5 puffs, i was coughing a lot, and smoked in short amount of time, then BOOM, i felt like i was gonna die, my heart was racing, my body was feeling numb, my visons were in snap shots, everything was scarying the heck out of me. i even asked to go to the emergency room but i didnt. Now i get these episodes of everything feeling unreal to me, like if im walking or touching something it feels unreal, everything, a dream. This is called derealization and depersonalization..

I looked up alot about it, but idk if DP/DR is really what im experiencing here.. Im not sure if i f**ked up my life forever.. or if its cureable. Please can i have some anwers on what to do to fix this...thank u
Im 16, and only really properly smoked cannabis Once. ..
Im scared s**tless.
Also, i feel more slower, and finding things harder to concentrate on.. My friend is trying to help me... ive cried multiple times over this because im scared
I tried asking this on yahoo. and nothing but someone thinking i might be going crazy ://
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