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For more information on my symptoms, read http://www.dpselfhel...ring-from-dpdr/

It kind of feels like I'm doing things automatically. Like I don't feel in control of my body. It feels like a video game. Like I'm just sitting back, watching myself do things. I do the stuff I do everyday and I communicate just fine. There's no change in that. But in my head, I can't stop thinking and worrying, wondering if there's something wrong with me or not. It feels I'm worrying so much that it feels like it's starting to get to my head. Like I can't think right anymore! My head feels really funny, like its foggy. It feels sort of like it has pressure in it. My vision is 100% fine. It feels like my memory is a bit mixed up. Like its hard to remember details about things. I can only remember the general stuff that happened. But it's probably always been like that. I'm just thinking about it too much. When I feel like I can't remember something well, I think about it too deeply, it hurts my brain! I'm afraid that I'm getting memory loss! I feel clueless. Am I just worrying too much? Do I need to tell myself to stop thinking about it and relax?

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May 31 2014 02:42 PM

You're worrying a bit too much, I'd say. You should probably stop focusing on your symptoms and how everything feels, and tell yourself that, instead of ruminating, you'll work towards recovery instead. Obsessing over symptoms never helps anyone and it can actually prolong your experience if you're not actively helping yourself.

Just my $0.02.
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