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Kinda high so ima do my best to make sense lmao, anyways I'm just high thinking about my problems, lately I haven't been wanting to talk to anyone, which is not myself, like a month ago or something I would always want to conversate, now I never have that feeling or the urge to do that or no thoughts pop up in my head really on to say something and talk
Idk I'm high trying to explain this..
anyways I just never feel like talking, and I went to my phsych doctor and he said that's depression, and I don't know what to believe, I mean I feel like he just says that to put me on meds,
But for reals, I never feel like talking, I was talking with one of my work buddies and like I just didn't even want to carry on a funny conversation
Like why do I feel like that
I hate forcing shit, I use to always feel like talking and laughing and stuff, now it's like my feeling is don't carry on a convo, don't talk back
Why is that
And if u had that what would u guys do to stop that or prevent that?
Am I the only 1 that just goes based off feelings? Is that weird, that's why dp is hard for me cus I hardly feel man
Anyways I'm going on
I'm probly gonna reread this and not be able to read anything
Probly sound like a dumbass right now trying to explain myself
Anyways, any help would be cool.. thank u

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It could be a bunch of things. it could be that you are bored or that you have changed and don't have things in common with certain people anymore. It could be that you're stressed out and don't feel like talking because you have a lot on your mind. Depression usually presents itself as a bunch of symptoms. Not wanting to talk to people is definitely one of those symptoms along with things such as sleeping issues, cognitive problems (unable to think straight, slow thinking etc), a feeling of hopelessness and emptiness, a feeling of numbness alternating with extreme sadness, anxiety and panic attacks. If you have several of these symptoms together then it could be that you are suffering from depression. If you take medication and the medication helps to alleviate the symptoms then that is proof that you have the condition. If you feel like you are in a lot of suffering, then it might be worth giving the medication a try. Have a think see if any of that resonates.
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