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Is this considered an auditory hallucination?

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Does anybody else get this symptom with their dp/dr where they don't physically hear a voice in their head but rather hear voices in your own internal dialogue, is this an audotoriay hallcunation or not, or is an audotery hallucination where you actually hear a voice for real, becsue at the moment i am really worried that i might have scitzophenia because I seem to have sevral voices in my internal dialogue , like I said I don't actually hear voices more like a chain reaction of different sounds and voices going on in my internal dialogue, and it feels like I have a fog or a cloud hanging over my head and in my mind, I just pray to god I don't have the scitz, but sometimes recently i have been wondering because my detachment has been really bad and I haven't been able to connect to anyone or thing, I can't even get pleasure out of my favioute music anymore, everything is boring , dull humdrum , I fell like I am waking up in a constant nightmare where I do exatcly the same thing everyday , and am only concious by the narrowest of margins, it is all getting too much to take for me, and a lot of the time I fail to see any point in living anymore.
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I wouldn't worry about hearing voices dude and being schizophrenic. I have been formally diagnosed with Schiz but have "denied" hearing voices. People who have also been diagnosed with schiz and do actually hear voices that I have spoken to find them very distressing and usually take the form of a third person commenting on their actions. They find them so distressing that the vast majority keep the phenomenon to themselves and don't tend to openly speak about them.
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