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Is this considered an auditory hallucination?

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Does anybody else get this symptom with their dp/dr where they don't physically hear a voice in their head but rather hear voices in your own internal dialogue, is this an audotoriay hallcunation or not, or is an audotery hallucination where you actually hear a voice for real, becsue at the moment i am really worried that i might have scitzophenia because I seem to have sevral voices in my internal dialogue , like I said I don't actually hear voices more like a chain reaction of different sounds and voices going on in my internal dialogue, and it feels like I have a fog or a cloud hanging over my head and in my mind, I just pray to god I don't have the scitz, but sometimes recently i have been wondering because my detachment has been really bad and I haven't been able to connect to anyone or thing, I can't even get pleasure out of my favioute music anymore, everything is boring , dull humdrum , I fell like I am waking up in a constant nightmare where I do exatcly the same thing everyday , and am only concious by the narrowest of margins, it is all getting too much to take for me, and a lot of the time I fail to see any point in living anymore.
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I get this crap all the time. You're fine. When we get so self fucused, the things that "ran in the background" of our thinking before DPDR, become noticeable and obvious when we get DPDR because we can't look away from ourselves. You're internal dialogue was always there, you just never noticed it until you read about schizophrenia and developed DPDR =) Now you can't stop listening to yourself think lol.
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