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ok so i always thought anxiety was like a harsh feeling, like a super nervous feeling

to me thats an anxiety feeling

but when i go into a grocery store

i feel kinda scared? idk its like i dont feel anxious, i think im more like not trying to offend anyone, not trying to start any problems

like when i walk in public, its on my mind of seeing the people infront of me and passing them

like i dont want to bump into them

and i think im also scared of interaction, like im not confident in myself going thru this dp

so i dont wanna talk to people really

but yeah, is that anxiety? like im not scared of people, i think somethin happend in my past and i always think about fighting, so when im walking and someone is walking past me like fighting gets brought up in my head, but i dont wanna fight, its like why am i gonna fight? i have no reason, i dont even know this person, so i like walk around them

idk man, is this anxiety?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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