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Is this 100% derealization/depersonalisation ?

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My story started with smoking too much and too fast (what a surprise, I know). Well , remembering the "bad trip" , it felt like I was disconnecting from the outer world , at start I'd think "wow this girl (my gf) is just a human being like me wow" , then slowly I started forgetting everything including her name , me , my brain and consciousness kinda started shrinking inside the body , I felt like I was stuck in some kind of time loop and I was unable to hold a thought for longer than a second , this freaked me out and I had a panic attack so bad , I couldn't imagine such bad state in my life. Well after that 1-2 Weeks I didn't notice anything , but some day suddenly I started to notice that I have a heavy brain fog , can't concentrate on things and would feel like the world is strange, really bad short term memory and an anxiety that I feel 24/7 , some days it gets worse and I get sent back into this weird dissociative trip again , although not as potent as the story with weed.I still think 24/7 about my feelings and it turned into obsession. I wouldn't say I'm emotionally numb or can't believe my feelings aren't real. I think I have more of the derealization or dissociation than depersonalisation. What are your thoughts , does it look like the dp/dr disorder ? It's been 2 month since then. I don't recall any anxiety before that , I had rock solid mental health , ultra stoic but yeah , I got fhcked by weed.
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That sounds like anxiety and depersonalization. Did you forget her name under normal circumstances or were you just unable to remember it in the midst of a drug trip/panic attack? In case you don't know, marinjuana is a common trigger for depersonalization.
I couldn't remember it during the effects of marijuana , tbh I suspect I experienced heavy dissociation. I looked up "ego death" and I can see the similarities , although it wasn't pleasurable in million light years
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