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most of the stories on this forum seem all seem to lead back to recreational drug sessions. mines no exception, i've been smoking weed pretty much every day since the age of 16 and now at the age of 20 i understand what dp is. being honest i didn't even realise that dp/dr existed until a bad acid trip 6 months ago then after that i have experienced it each and every day. although i understand what it is i still am not sure if it's a condition on it's own or if it's an anxiety disorder symptom and since i have other anxiety symptoms daily i am having a hard time comprehending one or the other. i have read other personal stories on the internet and some people have had dr/dp 24/7 for thirty odd years while others experience it now and agaan few and far between. I experience both dp and dr each and every day but it comes in waves. if my mind is on something else then it certainly never comes, when the thought of dp or dr comes in my head the effects follow in seconds. Is there a cure for this? has anyone had any sucsess on the linden method? please help.

i know exactly how you feel. i had this same experience about 4/5 years ago. you should be prepared for it to be a tough, extensive battle. but try to stay confident, beat the feelings, don't give in to them. try to remain subjective. you've taken the biggest step by realising what causes the feelings. so try not to think of it. i know how hard it is. try going more places and learning to deal with the feelings in social situations more often. i consider myself a bit of a success story with it, i've forced myself to still look at life normally. though the condition has considerably effected my life, i feel i have regained a sense of self and confidence. you CAN beat it. perhaps not totally, but of the most part. i still occasionally feel off, but it's within control. i was still going out of my mind 6 months after the effects and like you and most it was drug induced too. so first step i took was to stay the hell away from drugs after that, definitely. though i've had this condition for this long i've only realised there was a site for it (not computer orientated until recent). so what i suggest to you, is try your hardest to get back into the swing of things, do not let it take over, the waves will come less and less, like they did for me, if you regain a subjective view on it. it will take time, but in my opinion it is something you can control. just remember where you are, and who you are. and good luck!
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