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Is there a sure way to know if you have dp/dr?

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It is possible to work it out yourself. There are various tests available online to see if you have the symptoms. Finding out the the main cause is another matter. It can appear due to many kinds of reasons such as depression, anxiety, epilepsy, psychedelic drug use, vestibular migraine, drug withdrawal and the list goes on. The main reason overall appears to be long term stress and anxiety. Doctors will tell you different things, especially ones who don't specialise in mental health disorders because dp/dr is not a well understood or well defined condition in medical literature. Have a good read up of the main symptoms and think about what was happening in your life when the condition started and hopefully you can work out the causes. Then you can think about what you can do to get better. If you have been checked out by doctors and given the all clear then I would say your dp/dr is most likely caused by anxiety issues.
I'm sorry you had that kind of doctor!
I had EEG and all sort of things like that. Nothing major there.
My symptoms are more visual nowadays, but all eye doctors say the same thing "I don't see anything wrong with you, go and see a neurologist". And all neurologists are saying "I don't see anything wrong with you, go and see an ophthalmologist". So I go from one to another trying to convince them there's something wrong with me. The same goes with therapists. One diagnosed me with dp/dr, another one told me "Who diagnosed you? You don't have anything". So
"You don't have anything". Haha, well done therapist.

The neurologist refuses to even test me because, based on what my doctor told them in the referral letter, my symptoms of long term dp/dr and depression aren't enough to point to a neurological disorder. Hopefully, in time, I will agree with them. I've always had major anxiety issues. Anxiety is a difficult condition to treat though, especially when dp/dr is a symptom.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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