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is there a difference?

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is there a difference between if someone just never came down from their high and someone who had the symptoms occur weeks later?
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like a peice of brain died and it felt like i was a beat up car, with a f--- up engine.
thats EXACTLY what it was like for me after i did a ton of shrooms back in highschool and i was never the same after that. the next day i literally felt like part of my brain was gone. and ive never come out of it. my vision changed.. my entire world went 2 d all of a sudden. ive always had dissociation.. but this is another one of the traumas that brought me to this lowly state i find myself in now. and talk about peice of brain dying, im supposed to get my brain scanned soon.. im certian there will be lots of peices missing. :(
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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