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hello friends,

let me explained shortly why i think i heart my brain-

i take one time lsd -one year ago and weed 0.5 year ago (both traumatic),

and fill terrible dp.. after 3 month i felt better with dp but i suffer from flashback in every evening ,cant run, or take any omega 3 (since it make it worst).

my flashback is keep see the image in my mined 3-4 sec after i look at it - for example: i look at a cat on the street and keep see it strongly for 20 sec in my main and then see the next item in my main for 10-20 sec.. i fill unhappy as before, anexity, panic attack, i rely regret that i try those drug, i wish i just had dp- so i would run, keep busy and that it,.

i wonder may be i permanently fuck my brain, i dont know how to try to fix it- did any of you have this symptom?

be strong guys
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