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Is recovery possible

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I was born into an upper middle class family but left alone in my crib in my room unless my father was home (he was an elementary school teacher by day and taught night school so mostly weekends. My mother fed me bottles on a rolled up blanket. I was clean and fed. But alone. My mother said she left the vacuum running then left the house
But she said I never cried.
I had my first human friend at age 9. My parents were told that my IQ is 176 but possibly autistic.
They got angry.
I made up my own world because I was lonely and still prefer it so that explains why my first diagnosis was atypical psychosis.
Then they said mpd because I have fugue states and no conclusive identity so my identity was fluid. I was who could survive
That was in the 80s and went sideways with me being shifted from "expert" to "expert"
I have no friends.
I wonder if DPDR that begins at birth can be healed.
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dpdr since birth? okay.
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