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Is recovery possible from dpdr?

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Any recovery stories from someone who has had severe dpdr and maybe similar symptoms as me? I feel like I’m at rock bottom and could really use some hope. Lately my dpdr is so bad I literally think I’m going crazy. I feel completely out of touch with reality. Everything I do feels like a blur. I have no sense of self and don’t even feel like a person. I panic and or have anxiety almost all the time. I’m really depressed from it all and have lots of intrusive suicidal thoughts. I think I have them because I don’t want to struggle and be tortured constantly, it’s not that I really wanna die. My biggest fear is that I’ll loose control and do something stupid to me or others around me. I constantly obsess about it all. I don’t honestly see a way out and I’m very scared. How can I ever feel good, normal or happy again? Feels impossible.
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