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hi every1 a bit about myself am 30yrold m for 3yrs 10yrs ago i took extasy and speed every weekend and soon after i stopped my body started to feel weird as if i was still on a come down from the drugs the night b4 it felt like my body didnt belong to me no more now 10yrs later i woke up one morning and the same symptoms felt 100 times worse my arms feel as if they belong on some1 else body i feel detached from my body ive lost a stone in weight and my body just feels really light in my head i know what am meant to feel like but it isnt this i am quite an axious person and do suffer from panic attacks and a bit depression i also have a fear am dying or am going to die ive tried talking to my dr he has presribbed me some anti deppresisnts but i dont want to take them has any1 have similar symptoms to me plz help

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there is a post at the top of the discussion board where people have described symptoms. what you have described sounds like dp. some people find that anti deps help them. what has your doctor prescribed?

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i experience the same sensations and it started when I was withdrawing from drug use. you may have drug triggered dp disorder, not as a result of the drug use but of drug withdrawal, but you must go and see a gp and psych and get their advice.
the hardest part for me was understanding what the drug abuse had done to my brain.
i learnt that it reset my brain's fear/paranoia base level to very high and the strange symptoms, (feeling unreal, dizzy, out of my body(depersonalization), not in my surroundings (derealization), visual distortion were a result of this high base level of fear, not any brain damage or permanent alterations.
i also learnt that the reason it subsided through my twenties was because I couldn't get a diagnosis so got on with my life and focussed on living, allowing my amygdala (part of the brain) to push the fear level back down again.
The reason it came back in my early thirties was because I had become overloaded with stress and sleep deprivation, found out that the drugs had triggered my symptoms, causing my base fear/anxiety back up to this new ultra high level, and the symptoms became very intense again.

can't comment on the meds except to say that I have avoided them so far - a suppliment called 5HTP has helped me alot. the other major things that help me are heaps of intense excercise, stone age diet (or any diet that helps with seratonin), distraction through work and hobbies (i.e minimal alone/thinking time) and getting unneccesary pressure out of my life ie. particular people.

you must see a qualified gp/psych etc.

hope this helps.
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