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Is my DP/DR any different,is it something else?

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Hello everyone,

Im having trouble convincing myself that it is DP/DR that i am getting. Could you please read my symptoms and tell me if it is.

Feelings on waking in the morning that I am still in my dreams.

Feeling that I dont really exist and feel odd when someone says my name or I talk about myself.

Feel like there is another world or dimension somewhere that only I know about, and that I may slip into it.

Imprisoned inside myself.

In a bubble and cant get out

Hyper aware of all my thoughts and actions and questioning them every two seconds.

Like Im sinking deeper into my own mind and afraid I wont be able to get out.

Im so scared of these feelings. Please tell me if you feel them too.

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i feel the same as you so if its not dp/dr i don't know what the hell it is
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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