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Hello everyone,

Im having trouble convincing myself that it is DP/DR that i am getting. Could you please read my symptoms and tell me if it is.

Feelings on waking in the morning that I am still in my dreams.

Feeling that I dont really exist and feel odd when someone says my name or I talk about myself.

Feel like there is another world or dimension somewhere that only I know about, and that I may slip into it.

Imprisoned inside myself.

In a bubble and cant get out

Hyper aware of all my thoughts and actions and questioning them every two seconds.

Like Im sinking deeper into my own mind and afraid I wont be able to get out.

Im so scared of these feelings. Please tell me if you feel them too.


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Hi Jude

I will answer 'yes' to all of your questions. I am going through all of those as we speak and the feelings have me very freaked out. I have been here before, but somehow I always manage to convince myself that this time it is different somehow, even though supposedly it isn't. Anyway, hang in there, you'll feel better soon.


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Thank god and thank you all.
Thats the first time Iv ever told people all of my feelings. I was too scared of finding out it wasnt DP/DR, but something horrid only I experience.
Iv a feeling Im going to spend quite some time here going through posts and hopefully being of some help to you all too.
Thanks again

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I know exactly what you are talking about. I have all those same exact fears/feelings every day. Every single one of them (including the different dimension thing), and they suck majorly. I think it is dp/dr coupled with extreme anxiety/obsessivness, and self- anhilation fantasies. It can drive any sane person to the ledge of sanity. Do what I have not been able to do.. focus your attention away from the feelings.



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Hi Jude,it's a bit like the good news is............... and the bad news is
or the other way around,yes it's dp and no you won't go insane.

It must be great to know you are not alone and yet what a bumma you have all this company for such a shitty disorder.
Oh well, atleast we can all be in the shit together :roll:

Cheers Shelly

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Finding other people who feel the same is one huge relief. I wish I had a magic wand to make us all better. Its the most terrifying feeling I have or probably ever will experience. It makes me sad to think that all of you have to go through this every day too.
I feel as though I have come 'home'. That may sound odd, but I have felt so alone over the last few months that I feel as though I have found a safe place amongst friends.
Thank you all

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No need to feel alone again Jude.
I don't think your feelings are odd.
I'm sure a lot of people felt the same way when they realised they were not the only ones with this strange disorder and that it actually has a name.

Al the best Shelly
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