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If someone has been ill with DP/DR for 10 years, is it harder to get well then someone who has had it for 10 MOnths?

I also wonder if me coming here and posting is feeding my obsession? I know the key seems to be for people to stop obsessing and get involved in things outside your head.... How? THis is the hardest part.

It is like when I watch a TV show now or a movie, I am obsessing about, why can't I do that, just get involved get lost in a charactor.... just thinking about memorizing scripts even amazes me.. It's like everyone says diconnected....

So what I have gathered from this site, is... Focus on anything other then inside your head......... Hard one to overcome.. It is almost like my brain is programmed to do that now.

Eat right
Drink less Alcohol or none at all
Food supplements help some
Prescription Drugs help some.
Some sware by no drugs.

Wonderful Information is available here, now how to use it ...... how to stop making this the forefront of my life and move past it...

That is the question

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Typically problems like this are caused by telling yourself you absolutely cannot fail (and therefore you're afraid to start), or by biting off more than you can chew and therefore getting lost in the mucky muck.

Basically, allow yourself to screw up many times until you learn to get something right by way of experience, and take small steps - slowly acclimating yourself to your new way of living.

Write down a small list of things you want to do different - something basica and simple, and adjust over time. Don't expect perfection, and don't do too much too soon.

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kchendrix said:
If someone has been ill with DP/DR for 10 years, is it harder to get well then someone who has had it for 10 MOnths?
Hi Kchendrix -

I don't think so. I have had this disorder since I have been 15, and I am 29 now.

Until April, I didn't know that this disorder had a name, or that others were experiencing it.

As I posted in "Regaining Reality", I am almost recovered now, and it only took the past 3 months or so. You can read in my post what helped me (meds are in that list, so I didn't do it totally on my own).

Celebrate small victories within yourself. I know you will get better, and I don't think it will take any longer than someone who has had it a couple months.

It probably IS harder to recover if you have self-obsessed for a long time - BUT the reason is not because Time itself has done anything. The problem lies in the resistance to CHANGE.

Someone who has obsessed for a very long time is very convinced that obsessing is still the way to go. I know myself, I used to SAY I wanted to stop obsessing (and I did want to - but on MY TERMS - I was more than willing to stop obsessing when the symptoms went away!)

We keep ourselves cripppled by truly believing against all odds that WE ARE RIGHT about keeping a close eye on self. We secretly keep believing that we MUST watch Self and that if we didn't, then we would (i) get worse or (ii) go stark raving insane.

The question of HOW to stop obsessing cannot be answered by anyone - we each find our own unique ways to stop. The problem is not that we don't know HOW to stop, but that we refuse to stop - because we still secretly believe it is helping somehow.

Once the person truly 100 per cent faces that the obsessing and self-monitoring is ONLY harmful, trust me, they find a way to stop. All the "but how to do it?" questions are only masking the REAL problem - the fact that the person is not willing to stop until they can be CONVINCED it's the right way to go.

Think about it. Really think deep and I bet you'll agree with me on this....we HOLD ONTO our obsessions, still convinced to the death, that we MUST keep watching self.

I did it. And many people here do it.

Give it some thought.


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Thats so true Janine. The problem is that sometimes I feel as if I truly DON'T want to exist. Although the truth is that living and dying seems equally painful to me. In this sort of weird messed up mental situation I'm not sure hwo to stop the obsessing. How to accept reality for what it is.
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