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Is it genetic?

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My mom had dpdr from 17yo to 26yo. My only brother still suffers from it since he was 16yo and I'm almost 100% recovered but I have been struggling with it for the last 3 years since I was 19yo.
My brother and I dont want to have biological children. We strongly believe it has to do with our genes, so this nonsense ends with us. I won't be responsable for passing this on.
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Finished reading "Genome, Autobiography of a Species" by Matt Ridley. Yes, it's genetic. Everything is either genetic, or strongly influenced by genetics.

Some illness is Mendellan. Some is autosomal dominant. Some illness is the result of a single defective gene. Some illness can be caused by the

interaction of several marginal genes. I've formed the opinion that we have waisted a lot of financial resources funding major illness institutes.

Cancer Institute, Kidney Institute, etc, etc. But, those institutes are not providing the solutions.. The answers are coming from genetic research.

It is hard to change the flow of money, but funding genetic research will allow medical science to move forward on a broad front, and the discoveries

will take place in a natural order. That's the way all scientific breakthroughs have occurred. Rarely has science found the particular answer it was

looking for, when it happened accidently upon something meaningful.
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