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is is just an illusion?

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Is it just an illusion? ...Thinking that I may be able to control all this? All the problems I have caused to myself and to people around me? That in fact it is a matter of choice? That I am just playing foolish games that I don't want to quit?

Anyone else gets these ideas? I just got a lot more of this right now.

Or it's just questions in which I don't have an answer (the things that trouble me). But then, maybe I should. And maybe I can.

Any thoughts welcome. Any.
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peacedove said:
My therapist was just telling me again today that I'm like this because of my distorted thinking. It's hard for me to believe also. I keep trying to explain to him that the DP is just there, but he doesn't get it.
Therapists and doctors don't say things without having good reasons for doing so. Perhaps you could ask them why they say what they say, and why they think the way they do about the issue. Then, perhaps, they will tell you about the research and experience that they, as professionals, know about and have read themselves.

If you know intellectually about why professionals tell you what they do, perhaps you could find reason to trust them.
You are not consciously doing this to yourself. You are not to be blamed for the way you feel. You haven't done anything wrong. You are not the cause of trouble for people or for yourself. But your brain is malfunctioning. There are methods of addressing the malfunction that have been discussed widely on this forum.
then how do we get it to go away permanently and NEVER come back. For example, I have felt really good for months now but I have felt really good for months at a time before. Back and forth ya know, how do we know when it's gone for good or just temporarilly?What's the dividing line?
Only you know what caused it to go away before. Whatever you changed in your way of thinking or your way of being in the world -- make that change permanent.

You are the only person with the answer to your question. The key to that answer is the answer to this question: What made it go away before? How'd it happen?

Your question is also something you'd discuss in therapy, too, so if you are in therapy now, talk to your therapist about it.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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