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is is just an illusion?

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Is it just an illusion? ...Thinking that I may be able to control all this? All the problems I have caused to myself and to people around me? That in fact it is a matter of choice? That I am just playing foolish games that I don't want to quit?

Anyone else gets these ideas? I just got a lot more of this right now.

Or it's just questions in which I don't have an answer (the things that trouble me). But then, maybe I should. And maybe I can.

Any thoughts welcome. Any.
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I think that the main key is to not look at DP as something magical or sinister. As much as you feel like it's not - reality isn't too far away. Yes, it's gonna take a long hard road to feel the way you used to, but if you can keep trudging through the muck, you'll be out before you realize it.

Analyzing yourself and your thoughts don't help anything.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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