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is is just an illusion?

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Is it just an illusion? ...Thinking that I may be able to control all this? All the problems I have caused to myself and to people around me? That in fact it is a matter of choice? That I am just playing foolish games that I don't want to quit?

Anyone else gets these ideas? I just got a lot more of this right now.

Or it's just questions in which I don't have an answer (the things that trouble me). But then, maybe I should. And maybe I can.

Any thoughts welcome. Any.
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I really believe this whole DP/DR is NOT an Illusion, yet I do believe that the less time we actually think about it the more time we can spend living. I have only seen a few people on here that actually can't function, like go to work etc, most all of the rest function even with the anxiety that builds up to the dp/dr.

Example Last night I was in a meeting , The place was Hot, the lights were our favorite FLOURESCENT or however you spell it.... I was beginning to want to leave the scene, but I forced myself to stay through every awful second and tried... tried mind you to focus on the meeting.. The symptom tried to take it over but I kept replacing my focus on the meeting.. I do believe that we also often trade one obsesson for another... I have been really obssessed about my physical health lately where before the focus was mental health. Either way it is obsessive thinking and anxiety that is keeping me in the state I am in.

I still compare and check ... Am I better today then yesterday... etc... Trying to break that habbit is hard. but I see the difference when I am succesful at focusing on other things and not checking

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