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is is just an illusion?

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Is it just an illusion? ...Thinking that I may be able to control all this? All the problems I have caused to myself and to people around me? That in fact it is a matter of choice? That I am just playing foolish games that I don't want to quit?

Anyone else gets these ideas? I just got a lot more of this right now.

Or it's just questions in which I don't have an answer (the things that trouble me). But then, maybe I should. And maybe I can.

Any thoughts welcome. Any.
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WhereamI said:
I often wonder to myself how it is possible that one person can bring this on by themselves with just a disorted way of thinking.
Hmm... quite an issue, discovering what is the real cause of the condition. If I am having a problem because I do something wrong (or I am thinking something wrong), then it only requires to think differently. How do I find the thoughts that cause me the condition? Maybe if I try to memorize the thoughts that I have during my bad moments. Then, I can try to investigate my thoughts. See what other thoughts are related to those, and follow a chain, that literally has no end, and connects to a (big) number of other things. But I am usually quite tired to do this. Check this one please:

WhereamI said:
I have a hard time excepting that it is just DP that is causing me to feel this well and not some other greater source that I have no control over. Is this what you mean, or I am out in left field again?. I'll talk to you later.
Yes. I also believe that DP/DR is a product, and not a producer. That is, DP/DR is not a cause, it is only caused by other things. But the loger it remains present inside me (meaning the subject), it starts to involve in the procedure that makes me miserable. Maybe, after a while (the "while" depends on the person and the conditions), DP/DR gets its own essence inside me (the subject). And that's where things get complicated, because, it has eventually... become a producer. Ah well...

Kate, I am not sure what "out in left field" means, but if you mean "if I got the point", then yes, you always understand me :)
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1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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