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Is DP/DR worse than Schizo?

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Lately I have been thinking that this disorder that I have, whatever it is, may possibly be worse than schizophrenia? Why? Because Schizo people have no idea that something is wrong with them. Where on the other hand we DP/DR people are overly aware that something is wrong with us, thus the reason we keep feeling like crap. Honestly, have you ever seen anyone on this board with schizophrenia? No, because they have no idea that something is wrong with them.

This DP/DR stuff makes life hell, because we aren't seen as crazy, no one knows what we are going through, we are so aware that things aren't right and constantly are thinking about the way we feel, and we are expected to continue on with life like nothing is wrong. And it blows.
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i think both are just two different things, but both have a huge impact on the sufferer and family. i dont think one is worse than the other, as both to the sufferer are traumatic and limit quality of life.
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