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Is DP/DR only brought on by yourself?

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A few weeks ago I was feeling really spacy, it has gotten a little better over time. I feel more aware of whats going on around me.

But what has been bothering me so much is do I bring DP/DR upon myself? Like is DP/DR all just based on if you think about it, can I do this all to myself?

Basically I am just so scared/depressed that this disorder is just being brought upon myself by thinking about it, and I am the only one who can make myself feel this way.

Like when I did marijuana it screwed me up, the next couple of days afterwards I felt out of it but no signs of anxiety really, but the night i did it i had lots of anxiety. I swear that the marijuana screwed up some of my brain chemicals and threw me into a cycle of anxiety.

But do you think that dp/dr can also be caused with out thinking about it or having anxiety? Like I am just curious to see if it will go away once i get my seourtin levels straight again, which im takign zoloft for. I hear that a lot of people react to anti-depressents though, and I know that I react rather strongly to zoloft.

Could dp/dr caused by marijuana be a chemical imbalance? I hope so I have never felt the same since i did it that night.
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I have been pondering this question also... My therapist seems to think I cause my own DP although he doesn't say it straight out. I think the DP just happened to me without my control. I was thinking about God and infinity and stuff when I was 6 and that's when I had my first DP experience. I kept having episodes of it and then soon it was chronic and now here I am 23 and still trying to shake this 16 year long non-stop episode of DP.

I guess you could say I caused it myself by thinking about God, but I don't know...
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