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Is DP/DR only brought on by yourself?

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A few weeks ago I was feeling really spacy, it has gotten a little better over time. I feel more aware of whats going on around me.

But what has been bothering me so much is do I bring DP/DR upon myself? Like is DP/DR all just based on if you think about it, can I do this all to myself?

Basically I am just so scared/depressed that this disorder is just being brought upon myself by thinking about it, and I am the only one who can make myself feel this way.

Like when I did marijuana it screwed me up, the next couple of days afterwards I felt out of it but no signs of anxiety really, but the night i did it i had lots of anxiety. I swear that the marijuana screwed up some of my brain chemicals and threw me into a cycle of anxiety.

But do you think that dp/dr can also be caused with out thinking about it or having anxiety? Like I am just curious to see if it will go away once i get my seourtin levels straight again, which im takign zoloft for. I hear that a lot of people react to anti-depressents though, and I know that I react rather strongly to zoloft.

Could dp/dr caused by marijuana be a chemical imbalance? I hope so I have never felt the same since i did it that night.
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I do not believe that we can bring dp/dr on. It is not something you are doing. It is not like a switch. It is something that happens in the brain for reasons we are not sure. We can try and understand why but no one truly knows. It can happen for many reasons. Illness, fear, anxiety, there are many things that bring on dp/dr. I do however believe that if one uses marijuanna this may bring it on so that I would say is a possibility that one had control over it.

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