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Is DP/DR dangerous????

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Is derealization/depersonalization dangerous?!?! Like can it turn into some other mental illness or phsycially harm you??

Thanks for any replies!
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Rula I am giveing support by giving the facts. Facts are not fuel for fire.
I have only stated facts, not opinions.
You seem a little anxious yourself rula. Again I wasent trying to scare anyone. Just trying to inform.

This is from the webpage I posted.

Some Ailments That Have Been Linked to Stress
back, neck, and shoulder pain
gastrointestinal problems
heart problems
peptic ulcers
sexual dysfunction
skin problems

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rula said:
Sojourner said:
LOL. I moved it to the end because I added a new "killer" first line. ; )
you somehow keep missing the point. This is a support forum, someone is having panic attacks/anxiety and you insist on adding fuel to the fire by claiming that it could also KILL HER (love the dramatic caps.) your claims are also unsubstantiated, nothing that you posted says anything about heart attacks. immune system problems and susceptibility to infection? that's common knowledge. you still haven't provided any evidence that heart attacks are a concern. besides, it really doesn't sound like MissAngela is leaving her condition "untreated", she's seeing doctors and getting check ups. I just don't get your intent.
Thank you very much...
Yes I do see a counselor, GYN, and my family doctor on a regular basis. I just came here from support and some different opinions/ideas.
Dear MissAngela,
It definitely sounds to me like you are having panic attacks. Its very common for the doctors at the ER to do the bloodwork and the EKGs you had done, just in case there is a physical cause of your anxiety and quick heart rate. You dont, however, have a heart problem. The only thing I would be worried about at your age is thyroid, and you've had it checked. So breathe easy knowing that it is anxiety, and that you'll be just fine. Too much stress is bad, but to be honest, too little is bad as well. A certain amount of cortisol and adrenaline is good for the human body. Look up Addison's disease if you want to know what a lack of cortisol would do for your body. It allows our bodies to keep moving, makes us hungry, and gives us the energy to take on our day. When our stress becomes pointless, such as unprovoked panic attacks or a stressful situation which lasts years (as a caregiver, for example) it can wear our bodies down. Listen to your doctors, relax, and know that a teenager's body is much better equipped to deal with stress than an adult's. My personal opinion is that panic attacks are caused by misfirings in the temporal lobe, so I'd talk to your doc about a medicine like Neurontin, Gabatril, or (and these are addictive, so he probably wont want you on them), Valium and Klonopin. These are anti-anxiety agents which are also used for seizures. Take care and relax - this too shall pass.

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Thanks Homeskooled for the extra reassurance.

Yes, I have had my thyroid checked 3 times actually. lol.

When the following statement was made, rula, I felt that the poster was leaving with a false sense of security:

"Well, its good to know nothing worse can come from DP/DR/Panic Disorder."


Had she not said that, I probably wouldn't have posted what I did, but I didn't ever say anything about heart attacks.
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