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Is DP/DR dangerous????

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Is derealization/depersonalization dangerous?!?! Like can it turn into some other mental illness or phsycially harm you??

Thanks for any replies!
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Like can it turn into some other mental illness or phsycially harm you??
I'm not sure, but I have had dp/dr for 8 yrs and it hasn't changed much for me. It has caused me a lot of depression and paranoia though.
I think if you get any other mental illness because of dp/dr, it would just be as a side effect.

Is derealization/depersonalization dangerous?!?!
I think that depends what you consider danger to be.
As far as I am conserned it is very dangerous, just because of the potential it has to ruin your life. But I don't think that dp/dr can in anyway actually control your actions. Also I think that dp/dr is very different for each individual.
Missangela I just remembered a book I read about anxiety I can't remember the name but the book did say that anxiety can kill you if you let it get out of control. I remember reading an account about a guy that was almost dead and when the doctor told him he was going to die he got completly better. That guy said that he got better because once he knew he would die, he had nothing to worry about anymore. Once his worry was gone, his anxiety dissappeared and then his physical illness went away. I think that the moral to the story is that if you worry a lot you will cause yourself to become sick than you worry about being sick and just make matters worse.

Dp/dr is just a feeling mostly but it is how you react to this feeling that can cause you harm. Try not to worry so much and you should be ok.

Missangela I think you should tell us your symptoms, if you want to.
This way we can better understand what you might have.
I found the book finally, it is called Dale Carnegie's lifetime plan for success. Dale Carnegie is the author obviously. This is one of the best secular books I have ever read. I think everyone on this board should have a copy.
Angela if you get bad panic attacks you should get a copy of that book at the library. Half of the book is subtitled how to stop worrying and start living.

Don't worry so much about the dp/dr or the feeling of being disconnected,
you won't go crazy from this.

The next time you have an attack just try to meditate on your breathing and try to forget whatever is bothering you. I do this a lot and it always helps.
While the physical symptoms themselves cannot cause anything, it's an oversimplification to say that "nothing worse" can come.
Panic and anxiety can cause heart attack and ulcers although this is rare.
Well people CAN have heart attacks in there sleep. Anxiety and stress just make it more likely that you will have a heart attack.
Like rula said, it is very rare. Any amount of stress and anxiety has a negitive impact on our helth though. The opposite is also true for positive thinking and laughter, it has been found to lower blood pressure and reduce the chance of heart attack and other serious health problems. Even petting a cat/dog has been found to be a benefit to our helth.
The best thing we can do is to try and not worry to much.
Our minds and body are connected and if we lay around all day thinking about health problems we are probably going to end up makeing ourselfs sick. I think this is what dp/dr is all about. I know that when I got dp/dr I was constintly worring about my health at the time. The constint worry and panic along with the drugs I was on made me lose touch with reality.
I think that the way back into reality is through positive thinking, laughter, caring for others and finding something to be a part of that is bigger than yourself. This is what I am currently working on anyway.

I don't think any of us should actually worry about heart attacks.
Worrying about something does not make the problem go away it will just tie up your mind and make you sick.
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Sojo thanks for posting that!
I didn't want to wast my time.
Is dp/dr dangerous? That is the topic right.
I did not mean to scare anyone, but it is good to not delude yourself either. Sometimes not haveing all the facts can be fatal. I am not going to lie to MissAngela just to make her feel more comfertable. I am sure that MissAngela knows that we are not doctors and that she should take eveything on this board with a grain of salt.

Stress- The silent killer. ... cle_01.htm
Rula I am giveing support by giving the facts. Facts are not fuel for fire.
I have only stated facts, not opinions.
You seem a little anxious yourself rula. Again I wasent trying to scare anyone. Just trying to inform.

This is from the webpage I posted.

Some Ailments That Have Been Linked to Stress
back, neck, and shoulder pain
gastrointestinal problems
heart problems
peptic ulcers
sexual dysfunction
skin problems

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