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Is DP/DR dangerous????

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Is derealization/depersonalization dangerous?!?! Like can it turn into some other mental illness or phsycially harm you??

Thanks for any replies!
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If you want state-of-the-art understanding, consult a professional who has the experience and the resources to synthesize for you the latest thinking on the subject. Google can often be helpful in this regard. You can look for the prominent health institutions in your country and their work on the subject.

Anything that makes you feel "unwell," if left alone to fester chronically over time can injure you long-term. "Stress" that we feel is the BODY speaking to us, so yes, stress can injure and harm permanently if left unchecked.
I do go to a counselor and he said it is a side effect of the panic disorder and depression. I have also been to the emergency room and they said it is caused by severe depression. I am in the process of doing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. They don't seem overly concerned about it at this point.
There's a huge amount of information on the Internet available. What are you specifically looking for? Have you searched for it in Google, for example?

Do you not believe what your counselor and the doctors at the ER have told you?
Angela, If you don't trust your current therapist and doctor, find people you can trust.
MissAngela said:
Well, its good to know nothing worse can come from DP/DR/Panic Disorder.
While the physical symptoms themselves cannot cause anything, it's an oversimplification to say that "nothing worse" can come.

Left untreated, plenty worse can happen.

First rule of the Internet: Don't use it to obtain definitive medical information.
MissAngela said:
still though, i have never heard that before.
Well, now you know! ... tory01.htm


This is one of the best sites for accurate medical information in the US today:
Untreated, it can indirectly KILL YOU. ... tory01.htm


Stress and the Immune System
This complete communications cycle from the immune system to the brain and back again allows the immune system to talk to the brain, and the brain to then talk back and shut down the immune response when it?s no longer needed.

?When you think about this cross-talk, this two-way street,? Dr. Sternberg explains, ?you can begin to understand the kinds of illnesses that might result if there is either too much or too little communication in either direction.?

According to Dr. Sternberg, if you?re chronically stressed, the part of the brain that controls the stress response is going to be constantly pumping out a lot of stress hormones. The immune cells are being bathed in molecules which are essentially telling them to stop fighting. And so in situations of chronic stress your immune cells are less able to respond to an invader like a bacteria or a virus.

This theory holds up in studies looking at high-levels of shorter term stress or chronic stress: in caregivers like those taking care of relatives with Alzheimer?s, medical students undergoing exam stress, Army Rangers undergoing extremely grueling physical stress, and couples with marital stress. People in these situations, Dr. Sternberg says, show a prolonged healing time, a decreased ability of their immune systems to respond to vaccination, and an increased susceptibility to viral infections like the common cold.
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LOL. I moved it to the end because I added a new "killer" first line. ; )
When the following statement was made, rula, I felt that the poster was leaving with a false sense of security:

"Well, its good to know nothing worse can come from DP/DR/Panic Disorder."


Had she not said that, I probably wouldn't have posted what I did, but I didn't ever say anything about heart attacks.
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