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Is DP/DR consistent with chronic sinusitis?

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About 3 months ago I was having a lot of ear infections and my ears were clogged up. One day at work my vision got blurry and I started having weird thoughts but thought nothing of it. As the time went on it got worse and worse and my ENT told me I had a sinus infection and now, I'm scheduled for surgery. Is there a chance that my DP/DR is a result of this chronic sinusitis?
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Mmm I think mine is down to a form of sinusitis. I've had thick, clear purulent mucous dripping down the back of my throat at all times, really weird and alien like. The derealization started when I got this. I think it was because I smoked mouldy weed. The only time I've been DP free for the years time I've had it is when I forced myself to sneeze and something "unclogged" in the back of my right eye/ear. Everything looked clear and EXACTLY how it used to. Within the next 12 hours the DR came back.

I'm hastleing my doctors to get something done about it, as it's not obvious to them what it is. No one else on this board has been like me though...
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