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is DP common?

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hey, i was just curious, how common is DP?

on some sites i've heard that it's fairly common, and on others i've heard it's rare.

does anyone know the statistics? like, is it every 1 in 20 people, or is it 1 in every 3 thousand people?

i was just curious.
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dakotajo said:
I believe like alot of experts, that its nothing more than a bi-product of anxiety and depression. Some here think its the other way around, but I disagree.
i don't really know about that. i've had DP as long is i can remember, ever since i was very very little, before my parents even got divororced when i was 6, before i started montessori school at age 3, and i really can't see what a 2 or 3 year old would have to be depressed or anxious about. it just doesn't make sense. and also, i was always told that i was a really extremely horribly happy kid.

i think it depends on the person. i know that my depression came out of DP, not DP came from my depression.
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