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Is DP a somatoform dissociation?

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I have been numb to my emotions almost my whole life.
Recently i connected with my inner child a couple times and wept like a baby.
Now, not sure if its because of an increase or decrease in my medications, i am back to feeling numb and incredibly hard for me to feel my emotions just like before.
But my psyichal symptoms got worse..

When i have described my DP to others i often mention the somatic symptoms first.
Diziness, fatigue, headaches, nausea, pain
And it makes sense now.

I am not numb. I am very sensitive actually.
But because of my great sensitivity, fear and emotional vulnerability, I instead feel these emotions through my body.
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This reminds me of when “hysteria” was a common psychiatric diagnosis, many psychiatrists at that time conceptualized the condition as a conversion of emotional states being expressed through somatic complaints. It’s interesting to me that, although men are more often said to express emotional complaints through complaints about their bodies, women were almost exclusively diagnosed with hysteria.

It is an interesting hypothesis, and I know I considered it when i was actively trying to figure out my own problems. I’m not sure how much of it is valid, but it might be worth exploring.
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