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Ok, I'm still not sure I have this disorder but I do have frequent moments of feeling unreal and/or like the world is unreal. When this happens though I continue to proceed doing what I was doing without any sign of distress. I feel the distress but if I'm chatting with someone I just continue chatting. If I'm doing something, I just keep doing what I'm doing. Many of my mental health struggles are very invisible and not even the people who know me best know that anything is wrong. I also struggle with intrusive thoughts invisibly. And I also have on and off moments where I get into a mindset that I think nobody likes me and that I can trust no one. I'm still nice to people even when I'm in this state of mind. I love people unconditionally so even if I think they hate me and that they are only using me or betraying me I'll still be very kind to them and treat them the same. But just sometimes I feel like no one loves me, but that's not true.
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