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Just found this forum a couple of days ago and decided I should introduce myself instead of just lurking.

I learned about DpDr after I was described as having "chronic dissociation" and though I haven't been formally diagonised with anything (I'm currently being bounced around in the health care system) when I heard about DpDr it explained all of the feelings and experiences I had been struggling to put into words.

My DpDr stems from trauma from a surgery I had 15 years ago that I didn't properly deal with. For half my life I have lived with DpDr without knowing it and developed coupling mechanisms to hide it from others and from myself. However, I had another surgery 1.5 years ago and with it came back all the trauma I had once attempted to bury and now I can't manage my DpDr like I use to.

My biggest struggle right now is that I find it exteremly difficult to explain these feelings and experiences and since DpDr has affected my memory for so long, I can't really recall a time when I didn't feel this way so I have nothing to compare these experices to. Essentially I have normalized my experiences. I wanted to join this forum in the hopes of connecting with others and finding away to put into words what DpDr feels like so I can get proper help from my medical system.
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