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I am a 26 year old male. On Monday March 30th, I was finally correctly diagnosed with Depersonalization Disorder & questioning a secondary mood diagnosis (depression, anxiety etc.). Ever since I was 17 & first tried marijuana while I was intoxicated, I have not been the same person.

Constant "auto pilot", out of body experiences, more often in social situations or high stimulating areas, but also sometimes at home, in the shower or with family. I experience myself, like I am looking over me just above my head. Whatever situation I am in continues (I talk, do the tasks etc.), but the feeling is that its being done for me & I cannot enjoy it. (walking in the mall with friends, out to dinner, at a sports game etc.)

My family doctors always told me I had social anxiety & depression, which is true, but were not informed enough about DP. I first seeked help in my early 20's & was on two medications since 1+ years ago to this day. I asked my family doctor for a Psychiatrist referral 2 months ago & had the appointment Monday. He officially told me I have DP. I have started an anti-depressant medication, as he told me that would be the #1 treatment, followed by anti-convulsant, CBT, lastly Mindfulness.

I plan on continuing the medication & implementing some other coping techniques which have helped others with there DP.

Hoping to get to know you all & glad we have others to relate & talk too! :)

Please feel free to ask me any questions & share with me!

Chris B :)
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