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Hey guys,

I am new here and just wanted to ask for help. I had DPDR for like 6 months and I developped like I huge fear of time. I didnt want the time to pass anymore because I barely could remember a thing this year. Thing got out of hand on the 1st August, when suddenly this thought popped up: what if I cant take this anymore and will kill myself. It gave me severe anxiety, and I developped a severe Depression because of that thought, and the time thought. And since that day, I've completely lost myself, even more than during DP, I just cant handle that I had to go through DP, I cant just live in the present moment, I feel like I am trapped all the time, between my past and my future, I keep having thoughts and feelings that this is my destiny to feel so. It got to a point where my mind shut off all the negative emotions because they became overwhelming. I lost all the joy in life and I feel so numb and dead inside like I somehow disappeared in time. I lost my perception of time, sense of time completely. I feel like I shouldnt be here anymore (it feels very strange :() It's like DPDR has taken something from me. During DPDR I already had strange thoughts, like what if it gets unbearable, no memories of the year, what will it be like after DPDR. The thing is, under this numbness I feel like a massive pain accumulation. This numbness is temporary but what happens if all those negative emotions want to come out?
What will happen to me?

Greetings from a 19 year old boy from Germany
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