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insurance woes

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I don't hear much complaints medical insurance, i need some advice though. i'm nineteen and i'm still on my parents unitedheathcare insurance but i can't help but feel guilty for the fact i am causing my parents to expend a lot of money. This year it is required that my parents pay $1,000 dollars per person upfront for the year(3 people in my family). not only that but i have medications that cost about fifty dollars each, which i take three of klonopin, zoloft, and seroquel.I've been taking these medications and others for four years and i still feel the same. and not to metion my theripist and my med doc which is 30 dollars each. I know other people have it worse that me, i know that. I can't help but feel guilty that i'm have this dp condition and it is costing too much money. It has gotten rediculous, all three of us have jobs and both my parents are heathly. It's me that is causing the problem and its starting to strain my parents because all the ever do is tell me "just fight it" and i get from my mom "i give speeches and get scared but i fight it why can't you". i know everyone has had that said to them because i see it on the board.

ps. sorry if toward the end i started to talk more about myself, i'll talk about myself on another post i'm just a little emotional right now.
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thats interesting.

so your mom gives speeches naked covered in liquified rat excrement bouncing on a trampoline while trying to sing barbie girl and keeping the beat with her buttcheeks?

yea she must be brave. cause thats the only kind of speech that can even come close to this level of hell. you should tell her that. :roll:
before this drops.. can others answer this thread?

im not really sure i think insurance rates vary from state to state country to country. you say you work.. how come you dont get insurance benefits? check out what the requirements are for you to recieve assisted benefit. what you should do is talk to your parents about it so that they are aware that you think about this and youre not just riding them. im sure they will be happy to help you get on your own feet.
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