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hello... well i just started reading about dp and i think i may have it, definetly think i have lost my "self". its hard for me to get any control over myself (to feel alright about what im doing) i feel most of the time like i dont really know what im doing at all but fumbling through somehow. im wondering now how ive made it this far at all! ;/
its scary and i need to know how to be ok again because im afraid and i dont want to be anymore.
i heard that inpatient care at the hospital is good because they are constantly with you, monitoring you and you have counselling and a more structured care than if you were at home and trying self help books and going to one hour sessions (that seem pointless to me because so far they have not helped at all)
what do you all think about inpatient care as a method of healing?
im scared about the idea, but i feel like ive run out of options. please tell me what you think or any advice you might have about treatment. thank you

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I have never had in patient care, but I can tell you that yes this can be frightening at times, but it does seem to have it's better days also. I guess it is totally up to you and if they would even consider you for in patient care.

I go to therapy once a week and try to just keep busy and focus on anything other then the fear or the symptoms, It isn't always easy but sitting there focusing on the symptoms doesn't make it better, so I try to get busy... Sunday I visited my Aunt in the Hospital, Cleaned the bathrooms, shampooed the carpet and watched some movies and for the most part it was much better. When you tune in and watch your every thought then you focus on the symptoms

It is ultimately up to you.... I am sorry if I am of little help as I have never been an iN patient

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Hi Ablueyed,

I'm sorry, but I have not been inpatient either. I wondered if you might post how long you have been dealing with dp. I read that you have a therapist. Did they suggest incare? I read the part where you didn't want to be anymore. That is always a very scarey feeling to have. If you are having very strong feelings, it would be best to seek immediate medical help.

If you are still looking around for replies, do tell us more of what all is going on with you. Someone may be going thru the exact same thing and be able to be of some good, positive help for you.

Hope things are okay for now for you,

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You are not alone. Glad you found us.

From my understanding, the best inpatient care is extremely expensive. I believe it can be very beneficial, but you'd have to pay for it yourself. The only way you can get yourself into a hospital in the US if you're a danger to yourself or others, and then it's a 72 hour hold.

I've also heard some nasty stories about breif stays in hospitals.

On the other hand, there are some people in a support group I attend who have illnesses such as bipolar, serious depression, schizophrenia, etc. who need extended care to stabilize. Some say the structure is of benefit and getting the meds adjusted properly. But it's up to the patient to continue the routine once out of the hospital.

If you have a therapist you see on a regular basis, I'd say if you can at all, try to establish some form of structure of your own. I know, easier said than done.

You and your therapist should discuss this. I don't know that anyone here can really answer the question for you. A private hospital is the best choice and for 99.9% of people the cost is impossible.

I hope this helps, don't think it does. Oh, and I've been in an ER once and all they did was find me a fine specimen to figure out, then sent me home. So, no inpatient experience here.

Take Care,
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