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Inner monologue in the night.... other ones?

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Please say I am not the only one. :shock: ... When I go to sleep, usually with SSRI, I often have inner monologue inside my head, but it's everything, it doesn't make any sense. It's not logical sentences like : what I am gonna do tomorrow.... it's illogical. Like if I repeat some sentences that I've heard or movies's sentences. Sometimes it's another voice that comes in my monologue (I know it's not a real voice it's just my imagination!), but it's like my brain is too tired and assimilate too much information, and this information in the night need to go out in illogical monologues or thoughts.

I don't hear voices, i know it's my inner monologue, but sometimes it bothers me, I just want to sleep and think of nothing. Those thoughts are like a song you have in your head and can't stop playing. I don't know if you understand. With sleep pills I didn't have this problem :shock:

Thanks for the replies, I want to be reassured....I have it sometimes since 2 years, but sometimes it's more trouble some. Like I say, usually, with Klono, I didn't have this problem, and when I took Anafranil I slept like a baby.

C xxx and fear of schizo :(
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cynthia i get this aswell.......its like your minds replaying events from throughout the you said like when you have a song stuck in your mind that wont go away.....the more you try to work out what it is and why it happens the more concious of it you will mum and others have said to me its normally something that happens during your mind filing away details....don't know if this helps....but believe me you are not alone :)
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