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Hello everyone. I wanted to share the latest update from IDS

Update 21

Posted by Jeff Abugel
1 day ago

IDS has put your donations to work in a number of ways, including the first pamphlet describing the condition for potential patients, doctors, therapists etc. These are free for the asking, with a limit of 25 per request for now. Stay tuned for dates of our first NYC support group meeting as well. Now that we are up and running, our GoFundMe drive will come to an end in a few weeks. Therafter, donations can be made directly via our website, Please give what you can right now. And thank you for your support as we try to pull Depersonalization Disorder out of the shadows.

What the pamphlet looks like:
Font Material property Publication Magenta Screenshot

If you want to be part of the email list and get sent these updates from Jeff you can join the IDS facebook group or make a donation to IDS on

What IDS is:

IDS facebook group:

Donate to IDS:


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